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Thursday, 06 March 2014

Well Known That Earth Natalie Portman Creationism

Natalie Portman If we continue to think we can do whatever we want around the world and not expect retaliation, then we re living in a dream world and will never solve this problem. it is well known that an old earth creationism dominated our community first eighty years at the very least. currently this is a country in the throes of the telangana agitation, a maoist uprising in the tribal heartland, insurgency in the north east, and oh yes, multiple strikes and industrial Natalie Portman disturbances across many sectors. i repeat you are no union member and never have been. i liked your observation of scarred laeddis very much.


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Saturday, 01 March 2014

Help Kanye West Protect Future Human Race

Kanye West A hit Kanye West that may change the character of the team after the break, i really believe that. to help protect the future of the human race. i thought bountygate had something to do with paper towels. it was made for the city with its biking lanes for drivers but it is a maryland law and applies to the suburbs where bikers have no special lanes. Our agriculture could feed most of the united states at a huge charge.


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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sure Shannon Elizabeth Where Series Idea

Now he is trying to appear to be this strong person, almost bully like. not sure where you got the tv Shannon Elizabeth series idea. damn autocorrect, even though i wasn ,t typing this on my phone but i figured i could blame it anyway. though arino,his election represents a move rightward in their overall electorate. ian just won 0k so why should he suck it i don ,t think the winner can win both.


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Wednesday, 01 January 2014

Frank Aishwarya Rai Junio Read Several Your Posts

Aishwarya Rai This is a logical falicy, because it presumes that Aishwarya Rai all persons who believe as such are racist. Frank junio i ve read several of your posts. Bfd, sincerely, for a brief moment, a hint of humanity passed between us, with your humor. Dear ewn can you please stop publishing these stock pictures with a story if you don t have a pic, don t post one, for goodness sake this is not just a waste of our bandwidth, but also an insult to our intelligence. Marmot pinnacle -15 degree down sleeping bag.


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Saturday, 07 December 2013

Correct Mel Gibson Hate Handing Welfare

Mel Gibson How can i find out Mel Gibson the specs on the video out put on the 5d mark 111, 6d, t4i. yes you are correct, i hate handing out welfare checks, i would much rather provide a solution and a way back to a productive life. been there, done that, threw away the t-shirt. i repeat my reasonable request would the moderator(s) please send me the reasoning behind such totalitarian behavior after all, i have not said anything nasty, improper, rude, or offensive i was merely discussing history and politics in a civilized fashion. don t like the plutocracy we re living in today try the medieval theocracy these christian taliban want to impose on us.


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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

They Open Sourced Visual Studio Queen Elizabeth Plugin

Queen Elizabeth Insult, the dean must be high on alomo bitters, i also think it depends on the person(s), he won t try it with someone dat he knows can deal with him, later they will start saying female cultist are bad, what if dis girls had links to a cult won t dey deal with him, if it was me i rest my case. if they had open sourced the visual studio plugin, that would have at least given eclipse, monodevelop and emacs devs a place to start with. they play great live music all the time. netherlands is added to the list of countries. Mike damone i mean Queen Elizabeth don t just walk in.


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Friday, 22 November 2013

Great Shakes Matthew Bomer Drafting These Specimens

Matthew Bomer It varying calibers and types of ammo. no great shakes as drafting, but these specimens suggest that if sole and exclusive have become problematic, maybe they they can go to the boneyard. public security department officials were unavailable for comment, despite several attempts by Matthew Bomer the jordan times to contact them. sirte ahh josh, just go with the flow and savour this moment. are you following it, following along the world does so love the spotlight, especially when it allows them a chance to play the victim.


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Friday, 15 November 2013

Ebay Amazon Store Cutting Natasha Henstridge Down

Natasha Henstridge Is the following not rather true david to angela please give me a carrot and let me pose to give you stick. Ebay and amazon store are cutting down now the price of this old iphones so it can be easily sold. please let us know exactly when that took place, okay thanks. now, did the slaves walk up to the plantation, knock on the door and asked to be slaves women voluntary seek abortion. an example of great art transcending boundaries, i m sure Natasha Henstridge we can all agree.


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Monday, 11 November 2013

Misha Groucho Marx John Pauley Perrette Lennon Wrote

Pauley Perrette Its 10 30 pm here in oz, and i m off to the beach to watch the fireworks over the city, so i won t be here to kick off the celebration thread at midnight. Misha if groucho marx and john lennon Pauley Perrette wrote a musical together, it would be a marxist-lennonist production. And some people will unthinkingly naively put all sorts of personal info out there on fb publicly - info they would never offer to strangers non-fb- friended people otherwise. this is not the only word in the english language that is both plural and singular at the same time. and i manage them from australia, regardless.


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Tuesday, 01 October 2013

Must Read Cate Blanchett Luck Kashmiris

Cate Blanchett Bo hasn ,t had to answer a hard question or defend his actions for 6 years (or maybe his lifetime) romney took control, had the facts and kept his cool. must read but as a bad luck for kashmiris, pakistan decided not to vacate the captured j k because it knew Cate Blanchett that the people of j k will vote with their popular leader shaikh abdullah to join india. eastwood mocking words must have had obama throwing things and must have really gotten under his skin as evidenced by this tweet. can we eat what they ate unlikely. Us reporters know very well that any one who writes against china, albeit the truth, is unlikely to ever again get a visa.


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Saturday, 28 September 2013

College Right Bill Murray Young

Bill Murray Beg the question refers to a type of logical fallacy. i m in college right now, and at the young age of 24 i am made to feel old on a daily basis. as you know, i bickered with him a lot about this in fb comments (also, Bill Murray a bit, privately). The metrics that i m really interested in aren t supplied by youtube. they can break out with their hit new single phuk da a.


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wage Killing Wars Nnemkadi Ogwumike Dead From

Nnemkadi Ogwumike The black feminist needs to stop follow privileged white women into complaining about random nonsense instead of focusing on the very real problems facing the black community. the cia can wage killing wars 10,000 dead from their drones, the irs can t. i m glad you re a Nnemkadi Ogwumike cyclist and transit rider by choice, which i truly salute, so am i. What a resume for perry sources us census bureau, tax foundation, kaiser family foundation data. Sarahan sarahan ,or sara payplan payplan the mossauds sadak m.


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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wags Mchugh 6month Summer Glau Special

Summer Glau That going to help with the copd and asthma. Wags mchugh has a 6-month special on for , good through sunday, complete with blimp indicator. so, time to get your head of the books, rush limbaugh out of your ears, and think hard about those so, so, so many offers Summer Glau that will earn you kazillions. voters are stupid and prone to irrational thoughts emotions, and they are easily swayed -and everyone knows this. your writing is no example either, e.


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Friday, 13 September 2013

Striker Dangte Tana Space Flavor Flav Siam Thei

Hex was a pretty good character study as well. striker dangte tana space siam sak thei hi an tangkai khawp asin. no music, bad continuity, hub cap flies into the camera, 70s o music kicks in at the end and the sound of that growling ford makes my loin tingle just thinking about it. 1st division champion dinthar fc pawh Flavor Flav an nawp a nih kha. ten people shot and numerous muggings and thuggings.


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Friday, 06 September 2013

Bigger Than They Were When Jack Nicklaus They Were

Jack Nicklaus Cannon you re an embarassment to the human race. bigger than they were when they were to big to fail we must judge obama on obama. the republicans are in charge of this state and if the d Jack Nicklaus want a voice at the table they need to quit martyring themselves. a pitiful situation for all parties but the lawyers. szkoda e tak mylicie o zwykyk ludziach, kt rzy by moe gdybycie napisali post w odorbin przyjemniejszym dla poszkodowanych tonie, zamiast stawia ich na poziomie ludzi niemylcych, to moe rzeczywicie bycie mieli na stae nowych czytelnik w.


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Tuesday, 03 September 2013

This Interchangeable With Kevin Love Other

Kevin Love Ecco sculptured ankle bootomg reading your blog you were talking about my life - both pre bub and post. if this is interchangeable with any other fps, please point me in a similar game direction so i can buy it immediately and play the fuck out of it. willinevitably become part of the pupil memory. if you don t like the military, you re the one who needs to leave town. comentariul tau m-a amuza un pic, de atatea ori te plangi ca stangistii ii considera pe toti cei Kevin Love de dreapta ca fiind de extrema dreapta.


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Friday, 30 August 2013

Sounded Beverly Johnson Great With Michael Jackson

Beverly Johnson Tony - where is apnu on this issue in parliament why aren ,t they calling for the immediate removal of this board i understand that one of the directors of this ailing and fast collapsing industry,who knows nothing about sugar, has been brought here from the us, where he Beverly Johnson resides, for the board meetings with all of the expenses which that entails airfare, hotel accommodation, etc, financed by the corporation. he sounded great with michael jackson ffs. it so often disagrees with their beliefs. alembic brand, 5 string neck-thru with alembic p u s. regular marriage is between two loving, consenting adults.


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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Operation Random Shooter Will Consist Ryan Braun Dozens

Ryan Braun Instead of concenrating on that war and finding osama bin laden, they decided to invade iraq for no reason. operation random shooter will consist of dozens of investigators with several local and state agencies working to solve four shootings that left three dead and two others injured, tulsa police Ryan Braun chief chuck jordan said during a saturday afternoon press conference. frank luntz, american ultra conservative takes meetings with harper staff key documents from election canada. good that they have that option now, instead of having to go overseas. htc said that their results for q4 are not going to be as good as q3 which is normal because they did not release a proper new product on the international market, the rezound is locked to one country and one carrier.


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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Your David Byrne Crack Syntax Boogbonix Priceless

David Byrne Stanton was sworn in as 52nd mayor of phoenix in january 2012. your crack syntax and boogbonix are priceless. why would voters throw in for a dem in disguise when they can have the real thing mitt is one for four at the plate, the worst record for a serious republican presidential contender in memory if not in history. i truly think that maybe shane and vince are somehow behind the new ownership of roh. We know that we are not all raised this David Byrne way but they already brainwashed everyone to think it so.


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Friday, 16 August 2013

Holmes Christian Slater Always Make Watson Blush With Your

A flippant attitude toward commitment leads most relationships down a rocky road. Oh holmes, you always make watson blush with your antics. you are not zimmerman, Christian Slater or his soulmates no matter how much you want to be and cannot read his mind. if i were to sum up this mindset, it would be mental emotional immaturity, absence of critical thinking, obsession with dating and race consciousness that determines everything. i m sure chandler certainly not happy with what he did yesterday.


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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Grave Mike Myers Fireflies 2007 Right Have

Thanks ,, yahoo has acknowledged that thompson does not have a computer science degree, initially calling the discrepancy an inadvertent error. Grave of the fireflies in 2007, right i have not watch that film yet, so i dont know much. 7 million long-term unemployed americans. if it was actually objective, it would Mike Myers be fine. your comment above is forcing me to do that.


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Monday, 22 July 2013

Presidential Britney Spears Statement Bolster Annan

Britney Spears It suggested possible hesitation by gulf arab states to directly aid rebel groups while international envoy kofi Britney Spears annan is trying to negotiate an end to syria bloody yearlong conflict. presidential statement to bolster annan ,s position. under the annan plan, the syrian regime is supposed to stop all attacks and pull back all its heavy weapons from population centers by april 10. with sky-high per capita water consumption abu dhabi figure is 550 litres of water per day, per person, compared to a world average of around 190 litres there is perhaps little wonder that fears of bone dry aquifers led to such a decision. Be cz8uucll46e kindly click on the link below for a detailed excel sheet documenting the names of the victims and method of killing.


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Friday, 19 July 2013

Long Israel Ally These Minnie Driver Islamic

Minnie Driver I don t often eat a burger meal, but i ll go there for a nice breakaway when needed. as long as israel is our ally these islamic militants will continue to to try to kill us. go in, grieve, find your way out. Minnie Driver we the people are harmed by this. did rimm simply make a huge offer ($) or is paratek simply not strategic to samsung (and if not, who is ).


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Friday, 12 July 2013

This Svetlana Kuznetsova Situation Experienced

Svetlana Kuznetsova Hold on, everyone Svetlana Kuznetsova jerome the typing expert is here with a new rule of typing. in this situation, the wp is an experienced contractor of code-jockey services so it diffidently can manage this process. i have a permanently damaged index finger from an oil field accident while working my way through college. there is no bamboo flooring harvested and manufactured in the us and plyboo flooring is recognized as being probably the best source for bamboo flooring in terms of quality, sustainability and being voc free. might as well pull up a chair and watch.


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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bartlett Worked Damned Hard Give Loretta Young Both

Loretta Young You ll probably Loretta Young be bored with it after two days, but oh what a glorious two days of play it would be. i d say bartlett worked damned hard to give both sides a pretty good hearing here. but, if we, as die hard dodger fans, would actualyl want to improve the team we should be concentrating on where we could actually be making improvements, and that is at first base. guess who is next in the line of countries relations will definitely be strained. you don t grow all that facila hair for cosmetic sake.


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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Such Dork Mindy McCready Love Much

It couldn t hurt ), it Mindy McCready might be better than perrry directing an attack from behind the lines. you re such a big dork, i love you so much __ and it cool that suh sang young personally chose top as the model ^^. For me biti (as a minister) is somehow a sign that zimbabwe is under a curse by the devil himself. he throws one and then relaxes back, without following the blows with a series of supporting blows, especially when the opponent looks weaker. Matusz instead of wada, and you ,re missing a long man in the pen.


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Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Even When Face Face Rihanna With Enemy Sun

Rihanna He must be indicted for treason. even when face to face with an enemy, -sun tzu Rihanna ). you guys just go for the slam, since you have nothing to offer to an honest debate. after that, non-whites, all kinds flooded my town. ford is a sales associate for pre-paid legal, inc.


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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Look Tila Tequila Shield Defense

Tila Tequila We are fed up with an area that is consumed in a nimby thought process that inhibits all progress. we look to you for our shield and defense, our purpose and Tila Tequila our reward. it also offering granular, policy based access control and supports compliance requirements. ^^, i asked my apartment manager if he could send me my camera, and he said he would. i believe you met andrew - your description fits him to a tee.


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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Jericho Casey Anthony Trying Fool Fans Acting

Casey Anthony Of course he working alongside the cartels, ,us he wants all those terrorists coming in from the middle east through latin america alongside even the good mexicans who just want to to get away from the slaughter that is happening in their country of mexico (and of course he doesn t want those borders mended. you got jericho trying to fool fans by acting like the expected face then turning heel, is that something new no. Geoffrey old pal, it has rained constantly in the north (that ,s the bit above birmingham) Casey Anthony for around two years. i have trouble writing if it isn t silent. in comparison plant lloyd shoals on jackson lake produces only 14,400 kw.


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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fires Rage Because They Blake Shelton Refuse Clear

Blake Shelton I bet they don t step on other people toes absentmindedly when they are chatting. fires rage because they refuse to clear the underbrush. bearman and hanna br ckner, promising the future virginity pledges and first intercourse, american journal of sociology, vol. jeff, no one is saying Blake Shelton that an agnostic or aetheist lacks morality. it just means that google returned zero hits.


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Sunday, 05 May 2013

Will Keanu Reeves First Hotel Europe Built

Keanu Reeves This was a left wing rebellion against the communist dictatorship. it will be the first hotel in europe built entirely with straw bales. surely it would be relatively painless for Keanu Reeves her to repeat a few of them, even if she doesn t really believe them, just for the sake of unity and whatnot. retesting the neckline of the broken h s, neckline is also the 50% retracement mark, w. so my analogy is still accurate.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cultural Norm Burkina Faso Nichole Hiltz And Many

Nichole Hiltz I sverige har vi denna konsensusm ls ttning verallt, och det r nog fint och bra, men det blir m rkligt n r varenda fantasi och l gn ska kallas f r en sikt. a cultural norm in burkina faso (and many countries) is to use forced child labor and not think anything of it. and it Nichole Hiltz seems that it is shorter syntax for class myclass codehere @myclass= myclass sorry for my abstruse explanation but i ,m kinda sick right now and my thoughts may not be as clear as could be ,). aren t you republicans proud of the great job you ve done at making arizona the butt of jokes worldwide. reading it was joyful and full of pleasure.


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Monday, 22 April 2013

More Paul Abdul Sources Vitamin Every

Paul Abdul Et mieux vaut prendre la version git pour le moment. eat one or more sources of vitamin b12 every day. it Paul Abdul was with fear that i tried to ask for a reason. second, i m dismayed to hear about the aba standards. Salut, effectivement j ai le m me bogue ici, a arrive de temps en temps, l par exemple c est bon, mais il est certain que c est un peu f cheux.


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Friday, 19 April 2013

Fans Here Lucy Hale Usual

Lucy Hale Please do a check on their party affiliation and where they stand in the political spectrum. Lot of moo u fans on here, as usual. on mullen though, he coached relf into timidity by grousing about his throwing. and let Lucy Hale me know when msu recruits a qb that becomes a 1st team all-american, heisman runner-up, and superbowl champion. its as if you don ,t even know what happened next.


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Sunday, 07 April 2013

Marygreen Pain Your Christine Taylor Ankle

Christine Taylor No - the slippery slope fallact can be a fallacy - or it can be a genuine concern. Hi marygreen, the pain in your ankle may be due to wear and tear of your artificial joint. probably on the way to his car to drunk drive home about a mile. Every president has critics and every president falters and doesn t always make the best decisions. nonetheless, this critique is not seminal to my rejection of 3 since we can see that this form of slavery is different from what was condemned by pope gregory xiv in cum sicuti (1591), which is the type of slavery practiced in the Christine Taylor americas.


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Thursday, 21 March 2013

This Would Gerard Butler Define Change Trend

Gerard Butler In a wide-ranging statement highlighting its goals for 2012, the people bank of china (pboc) promised to reduce state control over china interest rates and Gerard Butler currency markets to allow market forces to have a bigger play. this would define for me a change in trend, a character change. i will also sometimes hedge with puts, usually for short holding periods. people contribute in different ways, which is as is should be, imo. 22 percentage point to the third-quarter change.


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Sunday, 17 March 2013

They Hillary Scott Wellaccepted Part Transit

Nationaljournal Hillary Scott campaigns 2008 senate nc. they are well-accepted part of the transit repertoire. we don t have a liberal tradition in academia any longer. Behold frank luntz the perfect piece of feces, otherwise known as shit to the 99% ers. jurassic park yes, part of the effectiveness of the cg was weighted in stan winston props.


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Thursday, 07 March 2013

Somebody Angela Kinsey Prepared Reacted

Angela Kinsey Lean n Angela Kinsey toward sc, arguable toss-up fl it doesn t matter that this one is in columbia. If you hit somebody be prepared to be reacted on. but losing inhibitions in advanced years is biological, as the researches cited here suggest. 3) adjustable criteria could allow for added fair access to smaller conferences to have more access to the ncg. @9e28bb6bed820e2acf5d5a0c57017ea9 disqusjudging by your hostility to the people who disagree with you on this issue, i would advise you to seriously consider your heart.


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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hopefully Jury Jean Claude Van Damme Peers Will Issue

Jean Claude Van Damme Actually a complete waste of time. Now, hopefully, a jury of her peers will issue this momster the same fate. the results of the bang occasioned by the overthrow of the buhari-idiagbon duo, are what we have, still plaguing the nigerian political landscape till today. you broads should get some decency and find a place Jean Claude Van Damme to privately feed your child like a normal person would. Watch marquez vs diaz 2 live streaming free online fight video here.


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Thursday, 07 February 2013

Atheist Sees Woman Walking Down Jaroslav Halak Street

Jaroslav Halak You said i ve always felt comfortable investing a few months ahead of profitability, but Jaroslav Halak getting more aggressive than that i like to have about twice the cash needed or more. the atheist sees a woman walking down the street with her daughter) atheist excuse me, miss. it sucks we re not able to do this and offer a monster refund but our sense after trying this in boston is that more people care about great service than getting the largest refund possible. the state of utah has restricted them. Required documents may differ by country you live.


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Sunday, 03 February 2013

Meanwhile Victor Garber Until Nominal Technicals

Those rag heads could not even define democracy. meanwhile, until nominal hui technicals are broken on daily and Victor Garber weekly time frames, we are constructive for continued upside, esp. In fact, there is only one way to achieve peace in the middle east. menahem kahana afp-getty jews have historically considered themselves people of the book (am hasefer in hebrew), referring to sacred tomes, but the phrase is turning out to have an equally powerful, if unintended, meaning scientists are able to read jewish genomes like a history book. Style largely depends on the way the chin is worn.


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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fuckerberg Danny Boyle Neds Reigned Zero

Danny Boyle If it doesn t let Danny Boyle you, just take out the t-mobile sim before you plug into itunes, then put it back in when you are done syncing. Fuckerberg neds to be reigned in, as he has zero control over the amount of mistakes that he makes. command, , cmap. the first two minutes of the core77 video give a basic starter kit of 5 pieces that the website should offer prepackaged instead of me having to figure it out. this was the only payment and was in line with what i consider acceptable.


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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Only Very Small Portion Common Total Code

Common Why do nintendo, sony, and microsoft sell their consoles so cheap because you pay through the nose for the games. only a very small portion of the total tax code has anything to do with personal form 1040 taxpayers (including small proprietorships filing schedule c). a witness said Common im stucked in a small street. there ,s something wrong with these people. i prefer the man, and i think he d see me as the woman i am fabulous and a mess of contradictions wrapped into one.


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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Plus Years Danneel Harris Education That Pretty

Danneel Harris Vmm, can you e-mail us at contact@socialtoo i ,ll take care of you today if you can send us an e-mail. plus two years of education that is pretty on point when it comes to starting a company. And i d make the point that if that guy is a hardcore republican, at some point, he going to be miserable working for any company that wouldn t hire him solely for that fact. education is 1 @benson (or anyone else)- feel free to tap into Danneel Harris my brain trust any time. the general format encourages shorter audio though.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Front Tinie Tempah What Sick Sick Joke

Tinie Tempah Hickeygiver just wants to leave his mark on the hispanic vote and suck obama amnesty fetish in case he is out of a job in colorado. Ed out in front what a sick, sick joke. don ,t worry gobp this news channel will distort and lie to deliver a half truth so their sheeple will do whatever you want. it shows me that these guys take him seriously and it also shows that obama is scared shitless to face this man in a general election. the kettle is hot because there is a flame underneath it and heat Tinie Tempah rises.


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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Comcast Stupid Enough Keep Nadya Suleman Your

Nadya Suleman It extremely likely that the only thing you will do to substantiate your claim is to recycle some age old bs from watt or mcintyre or some other skeptic hack age old, extensively refuted repertoire. comcast can t be stupid enough to keep your a employed long term. Van gale i m glad to hear that you enjoy django-tracking as for getting google analytics working in it, i would like to Nadya Suleman make it happen, yes. i didn t say i didn t understand it, i said, it was a fail concept. the nexus has never supported the feature.


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Saturday, 05 January 2013

Authorities Deny Election Carolyn Hennesy Rigged

Carolyn Hennesy Furthermore, some 45% of american tax filers pay no federal income taxes. the authorities, who deny the election was rigged, Carolyn Hennesy have jailed many senior pro-reform politicians, closed a dozen reformist publications and banned at least two moderate parties since the vote. he sure as shit doesn t need you defending him. Yes, hurtling towards 1% share faster than any of the competitors did at their start. we had fulltime nurses, counselors, art and music in schools when was a kid now you might get a nurse 1 or 2 days, music for an hour a week for some kids (by a part-time teacher or shared teacher) and art once a week.


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Monday, 31 December 2012

Libs Rinos Prefer Affirmative Action Bronson Pelletier Generals

Bronson Pelletier They will roll up the networks of activists, clamp down again on free speech and protest Bronson Pelletier and plunge egypt again into the darkness. libs and rinos prefer affirmative action generals like colin powell who can be relied on to say what their superiors want. Oh - don t worry, jake they ll be in touch mighty soon, guy. both make the claim that they should own the land they re occupying because it was once part of their country. take it up with the healthcare insurance companies and their propping up of a system that relies on denying coverage to sick people, ones who even pay them.


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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Every Kind Gwen Stefani Memory System Portable Screen

Gwen Stefani His ignorance, arrogance and lack of education on the matter of the civil war is evident and his argument is even more in error when you look at the government sponsored extermination of the native indians after the civil war. every kind of memory system and portable screen known to man has passed through those machines tens of thousands of times a day day after day ever since the devices were invented. i think the other guys know how dangerous it is to go after romney in hand to hand debate combat. monica felt sorry for her so thats why she was in and at Gwen Stefani her wedding. it makes producing the script a lot easier.


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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Iceland Went Bankrupt Chuck Norris Then Jailed

Chuck Norris In an attempt to establish itself as the best southern eleven that will play in the east this fall. Iceland went bankrupt, then jailed all the banksters, wrote a new constitution, and now recognize palestine iceland on thursday became the first west european country to formally recognize apalestinian state, three months after the palestinians began to seekfull membershipof the united nations with peace talks withisraelfrozen indefinitely. And nam political talkshow will spend more than the obligatory 30 seconds to talk about this. this is perhaps the Chuck Norris most famous image in sports history. a christian minister in florida is canceling plans to burn korans on sept.


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